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Bill Bhangal, Defendant in the Case of M.

The victim was an angry and depressed young man who was scared of older people and has suffered for two years. He was in debt, had dropped out of school and was living on his parents’ help. The defendant, Bill Bhangal, has been a successful businessman and has worked for charity in his community. He also has two letters of recommendation from people who have known him for many years.

Bill Hundal

The Bill Bhangal story of M. is a familiar one. When she was seven years old, she opened the bathroom door to ask her father a question. Then, she realized that her father was rubbing his private area against her. She protested, but reluctantly accepted the request. She was wearing her first bra.

Hundal filed a pro se habeas corpus petition in this Court on June 8, 2011. Then, he retained counsel and he was substituted as Hundal’s attorney of record on November 15, 2011. The trial lasted seven days. The case ended with Hundal being sentenced to six years in prison.

Hundal has spent most of his adult life in the automotive industry. He eventually became a franchise owner of Jiffy Lubes in the province of Ontario. He has been involved in various election campaigns and has worked closely with the Conservative party. In 2007, he ran as a Conservative candidate in the Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale riding. Although he lost to Liberal candidate Kuldip Kular, he has participated in several election campaigns and has ties to the Conservative party.

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