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Tips For Selecting Wholesale Body Jewelry

There are many different types of body jewelry available to piercers, wholesalers, and clients. The choice can be a bit overwhelming as some jewelry is very popular and will sell quickly while other styles will take longer to sell and may not sell at all. The good news is that there are a few tried and true tips when it comes to selecting the right jewelry for your business.

First, and this is a very important tip, always choose the correct gauge size for your client’s ear piercing. A properly fitted piece of jewelry will help to prevent bruising, irritation wholesale piercing jewelry, and infection. If you are unsure what gauge to select for your client, the best thing to do is ask their piercer. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and most piercers have a standard gauge they prefer to use for starter jewelry.

Choosing the right gauge can be difficult for those who are not familiar with the thickness of an earring’s hoop or bar. To help in determining the appropriate gauge size for your client you can use a simple tool such as a gauge wheel. These tools have a flat disk with a series of punched holes that are labeled with sizes. Simply place the post of your jewelry into the hole that corresponds with their piercing’s gauge to help determine the correct size.

Another option is to use a clean ruler to measure the distance from the inside of your client’s earlobe to the edge of their piercing. This is a more accurate measurement than simply holding the earring up to your ear and looking through it. In general it is better to go slightly larger in length rather than smaller since a piece of jewelry that is too small can cause a pinching effect which restricts air flow and increases the risk of infection and rejection from your client’s body.

A hoop or bar that is too large for the piercing can also cause problems. If it is too large it will not sit well in the piercing and could rub against clothing or even cause irritation to other piercings. In addition, it can create a painful bump or cause the piercing to reject the ring.

These issues are a huge part of why most piercing companies have opted to leave the sizing and ordering of their jewelry up to their piercers instead of trying to make it all themselves, sell it, sizing it, and then handling all the returns, complaints, and rejections that come from clients who ordered the wrong piece or didn’t understand the sizing process. This frees up their time to spend more time creating new jewelry, refining current pieces, sourcing new gems, and offering a wider selection to everyone involved in the piercing industry. It can be a bit of a sacrifice for the piercers but it is one that ultimately helps to keep the quality of their jewelry high and ensure that their clients are happy with their purchases.