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How to Avoid Rogue Movers

When hiring movers for your move, be sure to carefully consider what’s included in the quote. This includes the cost of fuel, the size of the moving crew, and the distance the move requires. Some moving companies also charge for travel expenses, including food and lodging during the journey. If you’re moving long distance, you’ll likely have to pay for temporary pet boarding or car shipping services as well.

Avoiding rogue movers

The first step to avoid rogue movers is to hire a reputable moving company. Ensure that they are licensed and insured, and do not charge upfront fees or require a large deposit. Check the reviews of the moving company and look movers for red flags. If a moving company has a high customer complaint rate or bad reviews, avoid hiring them.

Getting at least three quotes from legitimate movers is a good idea. You should also ask about extra services, tariffs, and special conditions. It is also important to check credentials. Make sure that the moving company has a website, has a BBB rating, and is certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Make sure that the moving company has a recognizable logo and name. Rogue movers often use generic names.

Avoiding non-licensed movers

Avoiding non-licensed movers is one of the best ways to ensure your belongings are safe during the move. Non-licensed movers often skimp on training and insurance, so be sure to check reviews online. They may not look legit, but they can pose a serious threat to your belongings.

Unlicensed movers are also notorious for extortion, and stealing your belongings. They may ask you to pay a price up front, only to hold your possessions hostage for a higher amount. Some even take your possessions and sell them. While these cases are rare, they still happen. It’s better to avoid dealing with predatory movers than risk being cheated out of your hard-earned money.

Hiring a full-service mover

Hiring a full-service mover can help you save a lot of time and money. In addition to moving your items, they also bring all of the moving supplies needed to make the process as smooth as possible. These supplies include furniture blankets and additional padding. Hiring a full-service mover is the best choice for people who don’t want to worry about managing the move.

Hiring a full-service mover will allow you to have a single point of contact throughout the move, which is essential for smooth coordination. Full-service movers should also have specialized packing equipment, which ensures the safety of your belongings and makes the entire process easier. These companies should also use state-of-the-art trucks with lift gates and climate-controlled storage facilities.

Insurance costs for movers

When you hire movers, it’s important to inquire about their insurance costs. These costs can vary depending on the type of coverage you choose. A basic package will cover up to five pounds, while a more comprehensive plan will cover more than ten pounds. In addition to basic coverage, movers may also offer valuation options for your belongings. These options will cover the value of your items and limit their liability in the event of an accident or damage.

Some movers offer full value protection for a fee, but it’s not mandatory. The cost is typically one to two percent of the valuation of your items. For example, if your items weigh $50,000, you’ll pay $500 for full value protection. Alternatively, movers may offer you third-party insurance, which costs between one and five percent of the total declared value of your goods.

Buying moving supplies

If you are moving, you will likely be in need of a tool kit. A basic tool kit should include an assortment of tools including a 16-ounce hammer, four-way screwdriver set, utility knife, putty knife, measuring tape, saw, and pliers. You should also purchase a set of goggles and sharpened scissors.

Moving boxes should be clearly marked and have labels on the sides and top. If you are moving items to different rooms, it is a good idea to label them with permanent markers that won’t smudge or get wet. Another handy tool to have is a wall hole repair kit. This kit will help repair holes in walls, and will contribute to recouping your full security deposit.