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Option Alert Service Reviews

In this article, we will take a look at four option alert services that have received great reviews from the option trading community. These companies include Optionsonar, Options Intelligence, Mindful Trader, and Market Rebellion. Hopefully, you will find one that suits your needs and will be able to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your investments. Until then, please enjoy our reviews and stay tuned for more information.


If you’re new to online trading and want to know if Optionsonar is right for you, this review will tell you why the program is worth checking out. With four plans to choose from, you’ll be able to follow major ETFs, select stocks, and receive notifications via email, text, or phone call. The service offers real-time alerts, customizable watchlists, and tools to help you analyze data.

Optionsonar offers three paid tier plans, the free learning options trading one containing limited features and a three-hour delay in data. The paid tiers start at $35 per month and include additional features. You can track total options value, call/put ratio, moneyness factor, number of traded options contracts, expiration date, price range, and volume, as well as keep notes on individual trades. You can also subscribe to a single plan and save 30%.

Mindful Trader

If you’ve been looking for an option alert service, you’ve probably come across Mindful Trader’s website. It’s one of the many options alert services available, but how does it work? Essentially, it uses Monte Carlo simulations to determine the best time to buy and sell stocks. Then, it places trades when the alert comes. The service also keeps a daily log of returns.

The service has an impressive reputation for providing accurate signals to traders. Alerts can be delivered via email or SMS. In addition to indicating the price at which the trade was made, Mindful Trader also includes a stop-loss signal and profit exit. It does this because it’s based on the best data from over two decades of trading. Users report dramatic increases in upside and have changed their approach to trading.

Options Intelligence

If you’re considering making a subscription to the Options Intelligence newsletter, read the Options-Intelligence service reviews to see if the newsletter meets your needs. One reviewer claims to have six years of experience in the options industry. He tried trading calls on OI during the last month’s report but lost money because all the calls expired worthless. Another subscriber found the website hard to navigate and the customer service lacking. Some reviewers complain that the service takes a long time to respond to their inquiries.

This options advisory service has a very different approach from traditional options advisory services. It tracks the largest options-related order flows and follows smart money from institutions. Using its proprietary algorithm, Optionsonar identifies potential trades and sends subscribers an email or SMS alert when it finds them. The service is also capable of web-push alerts. If you’re looking for a better way to make informed decisions, Options Intelligence’s services might be able to help.

Market Rebellion

If you’re looking for a high-quality option alert service, you’ve probably heard about Market Rebellion. Their platform is easy to use, and they offer one-on-one coaching, as well as technical analysis of major U.S. indices and currency markets. But what makes this service different from the others? The answer is in the name: the secret trading strategy they use. For $2,000 a year, Market Rebellion will send you two or four trade ideas. Their founder, John Caruso, is a former con artist, with a criminal past that dates back to the 90s. He blackmailed and extorted wealthy men, and once threatened them with baseballs.

Market Rebellion has a variety of investing services, including options, stock picks, and crypto. Although the company is highly regarded, it does lack in some tools that help traders generate their own trade ideas. This may be an issue for traders who want to develop their own ideas. Those who prefer generating their own ideas are better served by using a technical analysis platform or stock screener. Ultimately, the company offers an excellent service, but it might not be for you.