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The Different Types of WaStop Valve

There are a variety of WaStop valves on the market. These include the DN700mm (NPS 30), DN1400 and DN600. In this article, we look at a few of the options. The WaStop DN600 is a good choice for small or medium-sized projects.

WaStop DN700mm (NPS 30)

A WaStop DN700mm (NPSS 30) valve is designed to eliminate the risk of backflow in storm and sewer networks. Backflow can damage infrastructure, particularly in coastal areas, and is also a health risk. Therefore, it is essential to prevent this damage and ensure proper flow of water through your system. A WaStop valve prevents backflow by continuously sealing against backflow, even at low backflow pressure.

Using the WaStop DN700mm (NPPS 30) valve is a simple and effective solution to prevent stormwater backflow. The valve has two advantages: a detachable chamber, which is convenient for use in low-rise buildings, and a high-quality design that prevents backflow, flooding, odor, and pests from spreading in a stormwater system. Additionally, it uses differential pressure to protect the environment by preventing overflow and backflow and does not require electricity. The WaStop is available in four different sizes and a variety of configurations.

The WaStop DN700mm (NPPS 30) valve is designed to fit perfectly inside a pipe. Other solutions can have valve components that protrude from the pipe, and this can lead to failure. The wastop WaStop is designed to withstand pressures of up to 12 metres.

WaStop DN1400

Installing a WaStop DN1400 valve is quick and easy. Its PE flange enables simple installation. The WaStop valve is designed to handle up to twelve meters of back pressure. In addition, the WaStop is highly maintenance-friendly, with minimal life-cycle costs.

The WaStop DN1400 valve is a compact check valve that fits snugly inside existing pipe. Its simple design allows it to be installed at an angle or inline. It can be installed in both inlet and outlet locations to prevent backflow in all cases. With just a few components, it is easy to install and requires little maintenance.

The WaStop was installed at the sea outfall of a coastal town in the UK. The town has a long history of flooding, and the existing cast-iron flap valve was not working properly due to the high sea levels. It was installed by a team from Aquatic Control Engineering.

WaStop DN600

The WaStop DN600 valve combines the unique features of a pulsating flow check valve with the low headloss of any valve in its class. Its design provides 100% backflow prevention and reduces maintenance costs. The sleeve is made from a specially formulated elastomer that has a high level of chemical resistance and shape retention. The valve has a backflow prevention capacity of 12 meters.

The patented construction of the Wastop DN600 valve eliminates the risk of backflow from sewers or drains. It also protects against floods and odours. It is easy to install and is available in a variety of dimensions. It is designed to prevent backflow regardless of pipeline size or type. The valve is also suitable for horizontal and vertical installations. As the original inline check valve, the Wastop is a proven, reliable choice for sewage and wastewater applications.