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Wastop inline non-return chamber

The Wastop (r) backflow valve seals the water supply from backflow into the system. Its unique design is based on a specially formulated elastomer that can be inserted into either pvc or stainless steel pipes. This elastomer offers excellent shape retention and chemical resistance. This ensures that the Wastop will always open and seal when necessary to prevent backflow.

Inline non-return chamber

The Wastop inline non-return chamber is a backflow prevention device that functions using differential pressure. It is a self-contained device and does not require electrical power or constant maintenance. It is designed for use in a range of applications. The valve is available in DN110, DN125, and DN160mm sizes.

The valve consists of a stainless steel pipe and elastomer sleeve. The sleeve is made from a special blend of elastomers, which offers exceptional shape retention and chemical resistance. It can withstand several meters of pressure in the opposite direction. The valve works by causing a slight pressure build-up on the inlet side of the pipe.

Access Chamber

A Wastop backflow valve is an innovative device that prevents flooding, protects against odours, and is designed to stop backflow in drains. It is easy to install and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Its patented construction prevents the infiltration of water, flotsam, and other materials through the pipeline.

This backflow prevention device functions on differential pressure. It is completely self-contained, and requires no electricity or constant maintenance. This means you can install it anywhere, including in sewage, drainage, and surface water networks.

Installation requirements

The first step in installing a wastop backflow valve is to determine where the valve will be located. The location of the valve is critical for proper operation and protection. Generally, the distance between the water meter and the backflow preventer should be at least 10 feet. The piping leading to the backflow preventer should be stenciled with “Feed Line to Backflow Preventer – DO NOT TAP.” The backflow preventer should be sized to handle intermittent and catastrophic discharges. The discharge rate of the valve should be consistent with the manufacturer’s flow curve, based on the supply and on-site pressure. The discharge must be easily detectable by maintenance personnel.

A WaStop backflow valve is an excellent choice when it comes to preventing flooding and preventing sewage odors from spreading through the sewer system. The read what he said valve can be installed in a number of ways, including horizontally, vertically, and with flanges. The valve’s simple installation makes it popular with water utilities.


A backflow valve is important to prevent the backflow of water into the system. Backflow can occur when the pressure in the system downstream exceeds the pressure in the household system. This problem occurs most frequently in unit or separating collectors. It is important to maintain these valves in optimum condition.

A Wastop backflow valve consists of an elastomer sleeve and a pipe made of plastic or stainless steel. The sleeve is made of a specially formulated blend of elastomers that has exceptional chemical and shape retention properties. This sleeve is capable of resisting up to a few meters of pressure in the direction of flow. This sleeve is designed to be installed in a horizontal or vertical position and can be installed using flanges or chambers. Installation is quick and easy.