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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who helps injured people seek compensation from negligent individuals, corporations or government agencies. A personal injury case usually involves an accident resulting in monetary losses, physical or mental harm. It can be one of many different types of tort cases that a person might file, and it is an important practice area for attorneys.

After an injury, a victim may feel lost and out of control. They may have medical bills piling up, insurance issues and other problems that are difficult to handle on their own. A New York personal injury attorney can help them take back some control. An experienced injury attorney can deal with the insurance companies, negotiate a fair settlement and even file a lawsuit against the defendants in tae case to get justice.

The first step a Personal injury lawyer takes is to review the facts of the case and gather evidence. This includes obtaining any police or incident reports, and interviewing witnesses. The lawyer will also work with medical professionals to determine the extent of your injuries. They will use a scale known as the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS), which classifies the severity of an injury based on its degree of damage and its location on the body.

Once the lawyer has enough information, they will perform a detailed liability analysis. This will involve reviewing statutes, case law and legal precedents to find all parties who might be liable to compensate the victim. They will also investigate any unique circumstances that may affect the case.

If there are multiple defendants in a case, the personal injury lawyer will prepare interrogatories or depositions to ask the defendants questions under oath. They will also hire experts to serve as consultants and help them build their case. The lawyer will then prepare their case for trial, which may include preparing jury selection and exhibits.

Throughout the process, the lawyer will negotiate with the defendants and their insurance companies to try to settle the case out of court. They will usually present evidence that shows the defendants were responsible for the accident and that you suffered losses that they are obligated to pay for.

After the negotiation process, if the case doesn’t resolve in mediation, then it will go to trial. In a trial, the attorney will present all the evidence they have collected to the judge and/or jury and let them decide who is liable for your injuries. They will then determine the amount of damages you are entitled to receive. This will include compensatory and punitive damages, as well as any expenses and losses incurred as a result of the accident. Some examples of these damages are future medical expenses, past and present loss of income, property damage and emotional distress. If a jury finds the defendants to be liable, they will award you the compensation that is owed to you. If you or a loved one has been injured, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected.